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ICOM IC-7100

This image was spotted after the 2012 JARL Ham Fair, 8/25-8/26. Will we see a US version? It’s odd that it uses a monochrome display like the IC-9100 when some would have liked to see the 9100 sporting a display more like the 7600 or 7000.

Obviously from the photo the IC-7100 appears to be a dedicated 2 piece unit rather than being 1 or 2 piece unit like the IC-7000 and others. I have read reports that the 7000 when used with the optional front panel separation cable has what seems like an ‘RF in the audio’ issue, which could be installation and user dependent, but I have to wonder if this is a new design made to be impervious to such problems. If that’s the case, it seems like a smart move.

Update: ICOM has posted info on the 7100 here.


SoftRock Ensemble II RX

My latest kit build, a SoftRock Ensemble II RX. The SMT components were soldered by utilizing 0.015″ solder and a Hakko 1mm tip. With a 1mm tip and my Hakko FX-888 set at 450 degrees C, the tiny tip provides just enough heat to solder right at the tip with the 0.015″ solder, thereby keeping excess heat to a minimum and the SMT components relatively cool.

A more formidable challenge was getting PowerSDR 2.3.5 working, but a post on the SoftRock40 Yahoo group provided the bottom-line details quite nicely. For those with a keen eye, yes the I and Q jumpers had to be switched for PowerSDR to get LSB and USB correct.


Red Hot 40 project

This was a fun build because it wasn’t something I could assemble in 15 minutes.